Quality, Compassion, Medical and Recreational

Diana Schraner and Jammie King

Friends, mothers and longtime Cloverdale residents Diana Schraner and Jammie King know cannabis. They envisioned a place where community members can ask questions about cannabis products and growing practices, and have safe access to healing plant medicine. So, they decided to open a small retail dispensary, Red Door Remedies, in South Cloverdale. 

The labor of love began in 2015, when the business partners found the ideal retail space at 1215 S. Cloverdale Blvd. But it wasn’t until mid-April 2019 that they opened their red door to the public. Opening a dispensary, they discovered, takes perseverance. In the 2016 election, Diana and Jammie helped pass an initiative to add a tax to cannabis businesses in the Cloverdale city limits. They explained to city officials that they’re not gangsters, they’re simply moms that need access to cannabis. After the tax passed, the partners knew their venture was destined for success. 

Moving From the Sidelines to the Spotlight

Sonoma County’s northernmost dispensary, Red Door Remedies is not far from the Mendocino County line – the beginning of California’s renowned Emerald Triangle. The two moms – cannabis smokers and enthusiasts for decades – take pride in Northern California’s cannabis culture; a culture that’s ingrained in everything they do. They know the stories behind local brands, and have watched small farmers perfect their craft over the years. 

In fact, Diane and Jammie come from two cannabis families that have worked in the legal market in the Emerald Triangle for years. Diane’s son is the founder of the award-winning concentrates company Beezle. After working behind the scenes at cannabis event after cannabis event, the partners knew that stepping to the forefront was the right move. 

Supporting Local Cannabis Farmers

Mendo Dope Boys and Green Shock Farms Vendor Day

Familiar with the struggle that small farmers face, Diana and Jammie are dedicated to supporting local growers. But they’re also mindful about keeping a variety of products in stock, so that they can have something for everyone. On the shelves of Red Door Remedies, customers will find big brands and small farms, sun-grown and indoor, flower and concentrates. Farmers will come down to the dispensary for demos, and talk about their cultivation practices and the unique environment in which their plants are grown. 

The friendly, approachable staff at Red Door Remedies – with a handful of Cloverdale moms behind the counter – always takes the time to answer customer questions. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out. Diana and Jammie take pride in blending personal experience with the best quality products. When you hear the name Red Door Remedies, you’ll know it’s the “Mom’s Pot Shop.” You can be sure these knowledgeable moms are taking the best care of your well-being.