Nestled in a mountain range at the widest part of the Redwood region just beyond the fog line, you’ll find a gem of the Emerald Triangle. A family farm that produces craft quality, full spectrum, organic cannabis flower. The conductor of this brilliant botanical orchestra is Jesse Robertson, who has been a farmer in the cannabis industry for most of his life. Early on Jesse assisted his family in growing their original and renowned cannabis flowers, some of which they have been perfecting for over 40 years.

Today Jesse continues to grow some of his family’s original strains, as well as his own world class creations. The flowers bear bright, playful, and flavorful names like Red Fire Cherry Tangie, Triangle Mints, Lemon Skittlez, and Red Fire Cookies. These sticky treats don’t just have enticing names, the terpene profiles, cannabinoid presence, and potency, of these magical plants are all the more impressive. These flowers are works of art, thanks to the love and attention to detail Jesse provides each one of them.


About Jesse: Founder & CEO, Sticky Fields

Jesse is a farmer in every sense, giving his heart and soul to his garden. Not only does he grow world class cultivars that reach an incredible average height of 10ft. with the tallest stretching their limbs to heights of 16ft., but the Sticky Fields farm is home to a large and lush organic garden, with an abundance of mouthwatering fruits and vegetables. The Sticky Fields farm is more than a unique treasure. It is the heartbeat of cannabis culture and cultivation standards, in the heart of Mendocino County.